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[ If you desire to know how Angels and Demons casually function then read this Journal ]

Welcome to the beginning of the end of your life~! We have evolved and learned to live in peace and harmony with our rulers and over the last millennia our society has finally been able to evolve into a more technology based utopia! Most of you may not remember how or why you're here, but you got a second chance at living again! Don't screw it up.


Important Information:hetaliaheavenandhell.deviantar…
The ones who have done nothing but good in their lives will be sent into the arms of heaven and become one with the angel race.
They are moved to this Utopia and are free to do as they least that's what some tend to think.
Heaven's Government: Supreme Council of Heaven - Chief Justice: Arthur (x-britannia-angel-x)
Current Season: Late Summer/ Heading Towards Fall
Recent Holiday/Upcoming Holiday: Labor Day - A celebration of angels who have fallen and succeeded in the World Wars that occurred here and on Earth.

:bulletblue: Angels become Fallen if they succumb to any of the Seven Sins. ( Lust, Gluttony, Wrath, Envy, Pride, Sloth, Greed) they will be banished from Heaven and sent to Hell.
:bulletred: Halo Color and Wing Span are very important to an angels rank.
:bulletblue: White, Yellow and Blue are the 'national' colors of Heaven.


The trash, damned, doomed of Earth. They did not deserve to be thrown into the grace of god so they have been thrusted into the stronghold of evil.
This place knows no piece for if there are no fights the weather will surely give you a problem.
Hells Government: Tranny/Monarchy - King: Jones( Alfred-Foster-Jones )
Current Season: Late Summer/ Skipping Fall entirely and heading straight to Winter.
Recent Holiday: Labor Weekend - Three days dedicated to celebrate war and the pain it brings, celebrated by overworking yourself from the stroke of midnight till' to the very next day and repeat until Monday.

:bulletblack: Demons become Pure if they succumb to any of the Holy Virtues. ( Chastity, Temperance, Charity, Diligence, Patience, Kindness, Humility )
:bulletred: Devils are raised to be cold hearted and cruel, most of their memories were wiped clean for being able to recall your life is a reward not a burden.
:bulletblack: Horn, Tail and Wing Spain are very important to a demons rank.
:bulletblack:For more things about Hell and Heaven go to the Deviations.:bulletred:


:bulletblack: Don't make the whole thing one font style! Reading an entirely bolded application can be irritating to some admins eyes.
:bulletred: Try to make some parts lengthy rather then one worded, the best application is the type of application is one that had a lot of heart put in it.
:bulletblack: Good Grammar and Spelling! No text talk!

.:The Application:.

Country you are choosing:
What were they in their past life?:
(HUMAN!AU wise)(Optional)
What is your Sin/Virtue?:
((Angels have a Virtue that they stick by and Demons have a sin that they committed.))
Physical Age:
(( Angel is what they're good at~ Devil is what they're bad at~
EX: England is good at being a Police Officer and basically things involving the law, while he is bad at cooking.
If he lived in Hell he would have a job as a chef if he lived in Heaven he would be involved with the Law.
If your character has not talents that you know of then you may work under their superiors as servants, waiters, bankers and so on.))

RP Sample/Prompt:
You have finally arrived in the afterlife, but where you are is just an inky black place. You can barely see your toes or your hands when you try to look at them.
Suddenly, (if you're an angel) a bright light shines down on you and starts to slowly lift you off the ground (or if you are a devil) a pit opens up beneath your feet and you fall straight through it.
[-insert a paragraph or something short and sweet here-]

Feel free to modify this prompt and delete the bits that are not relevant to the side you've chosen~ and  take it away! What happens to your character~?
Extras About Character:

Bring them down low
More Journal Entries

.:Lost Souls:.

Thank you for visiting~ Come by anytime~
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In Heaven and Hell…
In hell
The English are chefs,
The Germans are police officers
The French are engineers
The Swiss are lovers
and the Italia~ans are bankers!

In heaven
The French are cooks
The English are police officiers
The Germans are engineers
The Swiss are bankers
Italians are lovers! ...something like that! Woohoo! ♪


If you'd like to join, apply for the character you're interested in! Be sure to check to see if the character is taken first!~ Remember their can only be two of one since your playing the countries Devil or Angel, not both! If you have a problem talk to Devil Italia (CrazyAuna94/ through noting the group)


English "Arthur" x-britannia-angel-x
French "Francis" WinterTimeKisses
American "Alfred" PresidentPrincesu
Japanese "Kiku" Arhaig01
Lithuanian "Toris" The-Devils-Chopin



North Italian "Feli" CrazyAuna94 (HIATUS FROM CHAT)
American "Jones" Alfred-Foster-Jones
French "Corentin Bonnefoy" no-bunnies
Finnish "Tino" finnish-devil
Chinese "Wang" CODENAMEDoctorButler
Hong Kong " Kaoru" Manic66705
Austrian "Roderich: The-Devils-Chopin
Prussian "Gilbert" LiliRose-chan
Hungarian "Elizabeta" Hungary-for-Pain
Nyo!South Italian "Romana" caxliel



Filipino "Jaime/Cruz" Islas-del-Felipinas



:iconrainbowsparklesplz:Fellow Roleplay Groups:iconrainbowsparklesplz:


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